What Does a Northern Irish Evangelical Want?

What has been written below was initially written as a Facebook comment, which for the sake of the sanity of a friend's wall (a sanity I desire of my own), I decided to place here. The question I think it is key to ask of evangelical Christians in NI is, "What is it that you… Continue reading What Does a Northern Irish Evangelical Want?


“Birth of God” Theology Needs to Die

I’m going to throw out a wild confession:  I do not understand “birth of God” theologians. I do not understand what they are trying to pull. How is it that these people can be so well-versed in critical theory and the like, and arrive at the conclusion that they should maintain the concept of God?… Continue reading “Birth of God” Theology Needs to Die

Recognising No Other World: Radical Theology as Truth Procedure

One of the things that keeps Christianity, as well as the wider field of religion more generally, interesting to me is the potential both have to be mobilised within Alain Badiou’s category of a “truth procedure”. A truth procedure isn’t interested in specific details of what some claims as a “truth”—in terms, for example, of… Continue reading Recognising No Other World: Radical Theology as Truth Procedure


Altizer on Caputo on Altizer—40 years ago

Jack Caputo likes to tell of how he finds the rhetoric of the 'death of God' misconceived—apparently we really need to speak of the 'birth of God'. Sure, whatever, that's nice. What interests me is that there comes with this the suggestion that the 'death of God' theologians have missed a trick, got it wrong.… Continue reading Altizer on Caputo on Altizer—40 years ago


The Antichrist: Or, On the Proper Use of “Christianity”

The very word “Christianity” is a misunderstanding: in truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross. The “evangel” died on the cross. (612) The one God and the one Son of God—both products of ressentiment. (616) As I was doing a round trip to a Taiwanese Island a day or two… Continue reading The Antichrist: Or, On the Proper Use of “Christianity”


As If We Were Dead

I was thinking recently that, in a lot of ways, we all simply want to die; that we are dead, and actually want to make it occur all the faster. We’re done. We’re chronically bored. We’ve peeked and we’re finished. Think about the insanity of our planet being the only planet in the observable universe… Continue reading As If We Were Dead


Rowling Reading Kierkegaard

As I was, the other day, reading Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death, and his seemingly neverending dialectical back and forth on "despair", I was struck by this passage – a passage I, bizarrely, immediately connected, for no discernible reason, with J.K. Rowling's Lord Voldemort: [The despair of wanting in despair to be oneself, has a… Continue reading Rowling Reading Kierkegaard