Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)

From its opening shot Carol declares the world a prison, a place of constriction and immobility. The incapacity to move or the experience of obstacles in one’s way, delimiting the capacity to become mobile, underline the film; with the ideas expressed consistently in the blocking and framing of the characters in relation to the environments that they… Continue reading Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)


Guardians of the Galaxy: A Joy in Destroying

Rocket: “Oh, that’s for the really hardcore stuff—like blowing up moons.” Gamora: “No one is blowing up moons.” Rocket: “You just want to suck the joy out of everything.” Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s latest installment in its cinematic universe, was released this past Friday to rave reviews and massive box office records ($90 million… Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy: A Joy in Destroying

The Lone Ranger: A (Political-cum-Materialist) Review

The Lone Ranger has to be the least cathartic, borderline morbid, and yet, simultaneously, the most mature and challenging film Disney has produced in years—not to mention the best film I have seen, thus far, this summer. It's a film that is hard to enjoy, and rightly so. It presents the viewer with thematic content… Continue reading The Lone Ranger: A (Political-cum-Materialist) Review

Zero Dark Thirty and Life ‘After Magic’: A Thought After @kesterbrewin’s Thinking

In a recent post, Lesbian Witch Devil Spawn Faggots! And Other Demons..., Kester Brewin elaborates on some of the themes of his latest book (After Magic) in relation to the legislation the US Supreme Act has under consideration, regarding marriage equality. Kester is helping us reflect upon how, whenever aspects of our lives assume a metaphysical… Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty and Life ‘After Magic’: A Thought After @kesterbrewin’s Thinking