No Becoming, Only Escape

In an op-ed posted on Australia's Newcastle Herald two years ago, Roland Boer discussed the variegated nature of Chinese expressions of democracy over time, in a useful effort to qualify and critique particularly basic analysis of the country's political system. One take away for me was his proposition that "communism is not the end of the road,… Continue reading No Becoming, Only Escape


China Against the West?: On the BBC on China

A friend of mine asked me for my opinion on a recent BBC article, which was reporting on a story covered by Xinhua regarding comments made by China's education minister, Yuan Guiren. The comments had to do with seeing the Chinese education system not develop in such a way as to foster 'Western values' and to very… Continue reading China Against the West?: On the BBC on China

China, Hong Kong, and “Democracy”: A Thought or Two

Democracy—when do we want it? From 1999 onwards, answer Hong Kongers. Hong Kong wants democracy, that's cool. Great story, I like democracy. However... Having been colonised by Great Britain for just over 150 years, Hong Kong appears to have been mostly content to have eschewed any major push for democracy. In fact, a taxi driver, last… Continue reading China, Hong Kong, and “Democracy”: A Thought or Two


When in Hong Kong…: A List

Be sure to watch a lot of movies and TV shows, because actually doing stuff and seeing things isn't worth your time. Well, I, at least, didn't have the physical or emotional energy to bother on my latest jaunt. Instead, I watched the following: Films Blade Blade II I'm Still Here Déjà Vu Horrible Bosses… Continue reading When in Hong Kong…: A List


Living Outside and, Yet, Within a Christian Narrative: Another Reflection on My Time in China

One of the most interesting things about my time in China has been the experience of living in a culture that has – in marked comparison to my home country, Northern Ireland – no pronounced or discernible cultural Christian references. This ranges from cultural and individual presuppositions to communal rituals and practices. It’s a weird… Continue reading Living Outside and, Yet, Within a Christian Narrative: Another Reflection on My Time in China


On Atheism and Belief: A Common Q&R in China

Often, in China, I will be asked what my major was. When I respond, “Theology” – and inevitably explain what that is – a question soon follows, “Do you believe in God?” Often asked with a half-smile, as if the person is expecting to be entertained by someone they hope to think is quite mad.… Continue reading On Atheism and Belief: A Common Q&R in China


China, Ideology, and Elevators: Transposing Žižek’s Observation

I've been in China for a little over a month and, weirdly, one of the first quirks I noticed was how Chinese elevators are numbered. Now, philosopher Slavoj Žižek made this observation first (I am familiar with the idea from his first chapter in  in The Monstrosity of Christ); so I am basically riffing off of him in pointing… Continue reading China, Ideology, and Elevators: Transposing Žižek’s Observation