No Becoming, Only Escape

In an op-ed posted on Australia's Newcastle Herald two years ago, Roland Boer discussed the variegated nature of Chinese expressions of democracy over time, in a useful effort to qualify and critique particularly basic analysis of the country's political system. One take away for me was his proposition that "communism is not the end of the road,… Continue reading No Becoming, Only Escape


China, Hong Kong, and “Democracy”: A Thought or Two

Democracy—when do we want it? From 1999 onwards, answer Hong Kongers. Hong Kong wants democracy, that's cool. Great story, I like democracy. However... Having been colonised by Great Britain for just over 150 years, Hong Kong appears to have been mostly content to have eschewed any major push for democracy. In fact, a taxi driver, last… Continue reading China, Hong Kong, and “Democracy”: A Thought or Two

God Transformed: A Word from Giorgio Agamben

Here is a link and a quotation from a superb interview with the Italian political philosopher, Giorgio Agamben. The interview was entitled, "God did not die; he was transformed into money;" and Agamben's words powerfully communicate this notion:Today, “crisis” means, “you must obey!” I think it is very obvious to everyone that the so-called “crisis” has… Continue reading God Transformed: A Word from Giorgio Agamben

Money Made Flesh: A New Incarnation

David Graeber makes the observation that, when speaking of paying a debt to the divine, some sort of equivalence is presumed. Presumed, really, when there could formally speaking be none. It is thus interesting that when Jesus states that one cannot “serve both God and money” that, on a register different to paying one’s debts, there is… Continue reading Money Made Flesh: A New Incarnation

Reflections on Life (or, Four Days) at a Chinese University: Education, Use and Exchange Value, and Capitalism

I've been reflecting on university life in China, having now been here almost a month, and having a job at a university nearly as long (though the work hours are considerably less--I've only done four days work... So take the rest of what I have to say with a pinch of uninformed salt, perhaps). It's… Continue reading Reflections on Life (or, Four Days) at a Chinese University: Education, Use and Exchange Value, and Capitalism