2017 in Sight and Sound

Films Favourite Pictures 20. - Félicité (dir. Alain Gomis) The particularity and singularity of poverty, the suffering it magnifies, and the love it contorts. Gomis fashions the determination of movement and the need of stillness with remarkable power. 19. - John Wick 2 (dir. Chad Stahelski) Written about this one elsewhere, but as it ranks… Continue reading 2017 in Sight and Sound


Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)

From its opening shot Carol declares the world a prison, a place of constriction and immobility. The incapacity to move or the experience of obstacles in one’s way, delimiting the capacity to become mobile, underline the film; with the ideas expressed consistently in the blocking and framing of the characters in relation to the environments that they… Continue reading Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)

No Becoming, Only Escape

In an op-ed posted on Australia's Newcastle Herald two years ago, Roland Boer discussed the variegated nature of Chinese expressions of democracy over time, in a useful effort to qualify and critique particularly basic analysis of the country's political system. One take away for me was his proposition that "communism is not the end of the road,… Continue reading No Becoming, Only Escape


The Truth About Christianity

An essay in exposing tactics used to enslave humanity /  Chapter One: False Religion and the Roman Redefinition of Christianity There's a disassociation produced when one renders Christianity as material—historical, textual, social, political, economic etc.—for analysis. If nothing else Christianity is world bound, word shaped, world shaping. If any one claim is certain: not one… Continue reading The Truth About Christianity


2016 in Cinema

I offer below a rundown of my top 20 favourite films of the year just past. I have compiled elsewhere a full, ranked list of pretty much every 2016 feature I have seen. The ranking both there and here is somewhat provisional, until it comes to the top 5 or so; at which point it becomes… Continue reading 2016 in Cinema


What Does a Northern Irish Evangelical Want?

What has been written below was initially written as a Facebook comment, which for the sake of the sanity of a friend's wall (a sanity I desire of my own), I decided to place here. The question I think it is key to ask of evangelical Christians in NI is, "What is it that you… Continue reading What Does a Northern Irish Evangelical Want?


Thinking Christian Innocence: Reflecting on the Presbyterian Church of Ireland’s Undue Fascination with Not Being “Homophobic”

I begin with a remark that I won't substantiate, but hope you can accept as truth as an observation: Christians in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) have an undue fascination with not being considered "homophobic". They really want you to know that while they can't embrace queer people as such ontically or in policy, they… Continue reading Thinking Christian Innocence: Reflecting on the Presbyterian Church of Ireland’s Undue Fascination with Not Being “Homophobic”