Advent awesomeness from @HomebrewedXnty

Occupy Theology: Jesus was a Marxist materialist

Homebrewed Christianity, as the blurb on their website for each of the videos (below) says,

caught up with a few of [its] favorite progressive Christian thought-leaders at the American Academy of Religion convention last month, and invited them to reflect on the season of Advent.

The reflections have been posted weekly on the sogomediatv YouTube channel. (There’s one more left! I’m excited.) The three folks on over the past three weeks have been Ted JenningsDiana Butler Bass and John D. Caputo. Each have brought their own flavour to the table; ranging from continental philosophy to political theology. Their offerings have, each in their own way, been truly stimulating and eye/brain-opening/expanding. Advent doesn’t get anywhere near as much press as it should where I’m from, so I’ve found them particularly helpful.

If you’re not über psyched, you should be! I’ve linked to each of videos  – check them out!