Pattern of the Trinity w/ Richard Rohr [video]

Richard Rohr throws-down (with the help of the brilliant The Work of the People) some wonderful reflections on how (trinitarian) relationality is written into the very fabric of all we know (be it cosmological, biological, sub-atomic, whatever) – this is a most beautiful sort of metaphysics, because it has teeth.

If anyone is into a more emergence oriented, scientific outlook, or digs a bit of open-relational or process thought centred theology, then you may very well dig this (though a conversation about what we mean by trinity will be helpful)!

Rohr’s challenge toward the end is pertinent and worthy of serious reflection. We are not in control of where we are, and our attempts (traditional, doctrinal, or otherwise) to assume control or impose order go against the grain of life itself – relationality and inter-connectivity go all the way down (and up – into the very life of God).

Every level of the universe is order, in a dance with disorder. And it collapses back into the disorder, and out of that comes a new order again.

To deny, and even fight against this; to get “obsess[ed] with order,” at the expense of denying or ignoring the nature of life itself; is, in either case, (as Rohr says) rather “immature.”