“Emergent Evolution, Spirituality and God”

Philip Clayton (Dean of Claremont School of Theology) draws a picture, with the help of The Work Of The People, of how contemporary articulations of scientific theories regarding the cosmological and biological of life and the universe, intersect, inform and ultimately allow a commitment to God-belief to re-imagine itself in their light.

Clayton takes us through the science with the philosophical and metaphysical commitment to the idea of the “emergent universe,” over against varying reductive philosophical commitments to a strict naturalism or materialism. Emergence thought emphasises the the push of universe toward greater degrees of complexity, novelty, holistic integration and the implausibility of reducing life to the sum of its parts. This opens up the possibility of meaningfully talking about and reimagining the space for spirituality in the science-faith intersection.


Video 1 – Origins of the Universe

Video 2 – Origins of Life

Video 3 – Symbiosis versus Competition

Video 4 – The Coevolution of Biology and Culture

Video 5 – Evolution, Spirit, and Spirituality