String Theory, 11 Dimensions and some links

I was bad at physics at school. I’m not ever going to bother trying to understand the math and junk. However, I do like to hear scientific folk talk about what’s going on in their fields of study. The word in physics business is that we’re beginning to appreciate that our universe is all kinds of weird!

Us and galaxies and stars and planets and elephants and atoms etc. only make up 4% of “the (visible) stuff” in the universe. 23% of the rest is “Dark Matter,” which doesn’t interact with light; and “Dark Energy,” which is the the energy of ever expanding (and not stopping) nothingness of the universe, makes up the remaining 73%. Perhaps, also, there are 11 dimensions, 10 of space, 1 of time; and it might even be that everything we see, at the most fundamental level, is comprised of infinitesimally tiny, vibrating strings. Oh and our universe is probably only one of many.

I love this stuff – well, rather, being told about this stuff from the people who know what they’re on about.

To this end, here are some links for your own “checking out” of all this cool stuff!

BBC Horizon’s “How Big is the Universe?” and “How Small is the Universe?

I watched this TED talk by Brian Greene on “Making Sense of String Theory”

I also crash coursed in a few bits and pieces with Michio Kaku on YouTube.

All in all, very interesting stuff – enjoy!