Žižek says God is in Pain

I’ve been a bit reclusive on the blog front for the last week or two. In that time I watched this conversation with Slavoj Žižek.

The discussion centres around Žižek’s latest book: God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse. Žižek, an atheist, has entered into the world of theology previously, and here again. His claim is that in Christianity, atheism has a worthy conversation partner, a friend through which we an ever more thorough and sustained interaction with the harshness of material reality is created.

In this video evocative and radical statements like these are to be expected:

“Only through the Christian experience can you reach the abyss of atheism.”

“The truly Christian gesture is to abandon objectified belief.”

You shall also here interesting takes on the Holy Spirit and Christian community, parables, atonement and violence. All of it interesting and provocative.

It isn’t perhaps as informed as I would like but it is wonderful to see informed and thoughtful conversation about the existential and material radicality of Christian belief. I only wish Christians were aware enough to be part of it… “Alas, earwax.”