Copycats: A Kid’s Talk

[Here is the outline of my kid’s talk from Children’s Day this morning – our theme was in keeping with Ascension day: Pass It On – To Me, To You (think the Chuckle Brothers there)]

Has anyone ever watched the TV show on CBBC called Copycats..?

We’re going to have a go at playing two rounds of something a bit like Copycats this morning!

So I need 5 volunteers and now you need to (quickly) find an adult from out there to join you playing the game up here.

[Here is a a video of the CBBC show for clarity]
Our version:

5 kids and 5 adults / sheets of paper / markers
Draw a picture of a horse/ 15 seconds to draw while the next team watches / pass it on – the next draw while the after team looks, the previous team turns their page over / pair 5 has to guess…

Jesus left us something to copy. He imagined it a bit like you would imagine something before drawing it. It was also a bit like an action you have to pass on. He called it God’s kingdom. He pictured people living together in a place where God was in charge.

Jesus imagined the people as they lived together being kind and compassionate, honest and loving, peaceful and nonviolent – living toward everyone the way God lives towards them.

Like we read in Ephesians the community Jesus spoke of was meant to imitate or copy God and pass it on – to me, to you, to others.

This community Jesus talked about is called the church.

Jesus asked his disciples to copy him, to see what he imagined and the actions he made, and draw it or copy it themselves so they could pass it on.

Everybody who has ever been part of the church has been asked to do the same thing – drawing, or living in, God’s kingdom.
Maybe sometimes we won’t get it exactly right.
Sometimes we may not make it look all that good.
Perhaps, people may look at us and have to squint to figure out just what it is they’re looking at.
But that is never the end of the story.
What we have to copy is God’s and God promises to be with us, helping us through the Spirit, as we try to make it happen.

We’ve also got each other to help us, as we try copy or imitate God, so we can pass onto others a place in the world where people live with God in charge; loving, forgiving, caring and being peaceful together and passing that on to everyone.