Defining salvation…

Last week I began to think about how I understand just what salvation is and means.
This is hard to do in not so many words but I had a go.
This is what I reflected about what I think salvation is,
Salvation is the deliverance of the world (at large) and persons (specifically) from death and sin to fullness of life and promised renewal in reconciliation to God, in part now and in full when he brings his ‘kingdom’.
The events of the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection by God three days later are those by which salvation is occurring as sin is forgiven, death negated, renewal instigated and kingdom anticipated.
In turn salvation means (particularly in terms of community and anticipation),
That Jesus, through his crucifixion and resurrection, is proclaimed the renewal initiating Lord of all creation who is saving all things, and persons are invited into his no-longer-counting-sin-against-humanity cruciformly saved community.
In salvation these people are marked by the Holy Spirit as those ‘in Christ’ whom God shall save finally in resurrection through the defeat of the life destroying forces of sin and death.
In salvation this community is called to anticipate this finally-fully-saving-future-renewal now as those who exist as new creation.
It’s a bit ropey. It’s about 150 words long and I imagine I have mistepped in trying to define something as multifaceted as ‘salvation’ – there are a lot of threads going on in that idea.
Salvation is massively important but it is massively important in the context of lots of other massively important things that pertain to and influence salvation yet remain distinct and separate from it (e.g. A forgiving, loving, self-sacrificing deliverance and rescue (none of which I think fit all that well with wrong righting violent wrath), reconciliation and renewal, new creation and kingdom of God, justification and ecclesiology – which is why they feature heavily above).
How do you do define or understand salvation? If you had to write it down in (sort of) shorthand what would you include?