Mark (Pt. 4): The King Is Here

We’ve looked at who Mark is telling us Jesus is and what he was doing.
            The King who was bringing God’s Kingdom to town.
We’ve looked at what Jesus taught.
            He taught about the Kingdom and how that changed things!
We’ve looked at how Jesus acted.
He acted to bring God’s inchargeness to life all around him in the sick, on groups, on nature.
1:16-20 -> 2:13-14
“Follow me”
  • Profound words – they reached deep inside people.
  • The “not smart enough”. The “not religious enough” who couldn’t make it with church types are the very people Jesus picks.
  • In fact – it’s the controversial social “other” – a tax collector gets called as well.
Astounding! And that’s not even close to what comes next.
  • 12 disciples / 12 tribes of Israel
  • Jesus is redoing Israel – around himself
  • This is God’s Kingdom – a new community within Israel to do Israel’s original job around all centered around its new King. It’s purpose: To do what he does and represent him.
  • This is also a massive statement to political, religion, society – I am the King, you aren’t what you think you are!
  • Mountains – the place revolutionary movements went and trained away from prying eyes. Think Star Wars – Yavin IV / Hoth / Endor
6:6b-13 (6:30-44 esp. 37-38)
They’re to carry out the same things as Jesus
  • They are being trained to do Kingdom stuff.
  • They went out with his message, his job and did it to!
  • This is the way of God’s Kingdom – it is seed that is sown and has the potential to grow insanely!
  • Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis – Jesus has chosen them because he believes they can do this. A Rabbi only picked those he trusted and had confidence in – 6.37-38!
  • That’s why when they get it wrong Jesus facepalms. They don’t see it – how great they could be! They don’t see how great the thing they are part of is.
We’re going to see some of these facepalm moments. We’re also going to see where all of Jesus actions and teachings are taking him because of the opposition being generated.
But first, an important good thing!
  • Who is Jesus? The Messiah… win! They got it!
However, this all quickly gets sour
8:31-33 -> 9:30-37 -> 10:35-45
  • Jesus is not a typical Messiah, there’s no fighting and violence – suffering, death, pain are the means this King finds his rule established.
  • Peter – breaks ranks – “Peter took him aside”/Jesus turned and looked at his disciples.
  • James and John just have the wrong picture entirely!
An earlier story identifies the above problem.
  • Bizarre story – it’s very funny but it harbours something deep within itself.
  • The disciples need to make sure they don’t have the wrong vision.
  • Yeast gets through everything. It spreads. It often links to something evil and dark.
  • Jesus wants them to not be caught out on different visions of what God’s Kingdom means and looks like.
8:34-9:1 / 10:13-16
  • Being a disciple means the cross. It means going the same way as Jesus – it means realizing what he is about (God’s Kingdom – 1:1, 8:35) is worth losing your life!
  • It also means getting your position, as a servant, sorted because you are meant to do the same as him!
  • Voice from heaven (this is the second time)
“This is my son – he is the King, ‘Listen to him!’” 9:7
         By way of an example of this, one of the best is
            Harry Potter and Dumbledore
            Deathly Hallows discovery – Dumbledore’s way has always been taking Harry to death’s door.
            It’s up to Harry to follow it. Not breaking ranks or elevating his position – simply trusting the way.
The question for the disciples is; are they willing to go the way Jesus has been mapping out? Are they willing to follow him? Do they even understand what he is talking about?
You and me – Disciples?
It’s a big thing to get as we finish up.
You and I, we’re disciples. Christians = disciples
We’re Jesus followers. We’re meant to do the same thing the 12 were doing. We’ve got the same job, doing this God’s Kingdom thing. It’s still going on and we’re part of it.