Mark (Pt. 3): The King Is Here

We’ve started our series in Mark by getting our head around two things he wants to emphasize.
That Jesus is God’s King and that that means a new place, which he is in charge of –God’s Kingdom
We tried to trace and expand this theme a bit more by looking at Jesus’ teaching and how, generally speaking, they all grow out of this King/God’s Kingdom thing.
Jesus teaches with authority because he is the King – taking charge on God’s behalf.
Jesus teaches in parables and they paint a picture of a God’s Kingdom world, which happens wherever Jesus moves around, speaking… and acting.
Mark’s gospel works in two halves – 1st half Jesus running around blowing minds. 2ndhalf takes us to the cross because everything Jesus does in the first half is upsetting the status quo.
What Jesus does in the first half of Mark in his teaching and in his actions is redefine what it means for God to be in charge of Israel.
We looked at how and what Jesus taught last week, so lets look at how Jesus acts this week.
The King’s Actions
When Jesus acts, just as he taught its about God’s Kingdom. It’s about him being King.
God’s Kingdom isn’t just about listening and learning. It is something that happens around you! It’s even something that happens to you!
It’s personal, it’s social, it’s cosmic.
  • Forgiving and healing of a paralyzed man (2:1-12)
  • Calming the storm (4:35-41)
  • Feeding the Five Thousand (6:30-44)
            Paralysed Man
Jesus house / your sins are forgiven / tense-awkward moment, you don’t say that / Options – speak or do / Authority – BAM!
V10 – Son of Man forgives sins. (Dan. 7)
            Calming the storm (4:35-41)
When have water and/or boats featured before in the Bible?
Creation/Jonah/Daniel – this is God’s power released.
Sea was dark, sea was ferocious, sea was evil and the world ordering and transforming God is working in Jesus.
This action is the Kingdom taking shape and form.
This action begs the question – who is this?
            Feeding the Five Thousand (6:30-44)
Herod off in his palace chillaxin’.
New King is on the ground meeting people’s needs, leading them when another king acts as anything but…
This is God’s King acting and doing things that help people to have what they need. This a demonstration of what happens at the resurrection before we even get there.
This is God’s kingdom, God’s rule, God’s-in-chargeness happening in society, in community with and for people.
Through Jesus actions we see a subduing and ordering of all the things that need subdued and ordered.
            Sickness/death/sin/creation/social needs
This is what the Kingdom is about – for individuals, for society, for creation.
This is an ordering and subduing of the world – much like Adam was meant to do.
This is what it looks when God is in charge through the human he appoints to do that.
This is something we are also invited into – you and me – to anticipate in our lives and as part of the church.