God’s Unfinished Future: Lectures from Jürgen Moltmann

Here are two videos streaming lectures given by Jürgen Moltmann, that draw together his many years of thought considering the the nature of Christian eschatological hope, entitled God’s Unfinished Future.
Video 1:
Video 2:
“God’s Kingdom is a realm of Resurrection on Earth… Far from leading human beings away from the Earth to Heaven, Christian hope leads them to the kingdom of God which comes on Earth. Human beings have come from the Earth and belong to the Earth and do so both in time and eternity. If heaven is open for them, it is heaven on earth. On Earth Christ was born, on Earth stands the cross of Christ, and it is on Earth that we may expect the deliverance of evil. It is this transitory life which will be transformed into eternal life, it is this earthly life which will be raised to eternal life.”(44:30 – 45:28)