Like a problem won’t exist if I just don’t exist It's too full isn't it... Reality is too full. Reality is too full isn't it? – Stewart Lee Like a problem won't exist if I just don't exist. – LIFE by Saba One wages war to win, not because it is just. – Michel Foucault If in what one might name "reality" one… Continue reading Like a problem won’t exist if I just don’t exist

Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)

From its opening shot Carol declares the world a prison, a place of constriction and immobility. The incapacity to move or the experience of obstacles in one’s way, delimiting the capacity to become mobile, underline the film; with the ideas expressed consistently in the blocking and framing of the characters in relation to the environments that they… Continue reading Carol (2015, dir. Todd Haynes)

The Truth About Christianity

An essay in exposing tactics used to enslave humanity /  Chapter One: False Religion and the Roman Redefinition of Christianity There's a disassociation produced when one renders Christianity as material—historical, textual, social, political, economic etc.—for analysis. If nothing else Christianity is world bound, word shaped, world shaping. If any one claim is certain: not one… Continue reading The Truth About Christianity